Today's operation suggestions and trend analysis

Today's operation suggestions and trend analysis Gold OANDA:XAUUSD Financial-Eagle From the perspective of the hour line, the channel distribution is still clear, the green channel under the rail has become a counter-pressure, * in the 2312 line, the horizontal in the morning, but in the morning, and then fall back a wave, combined with the purple channel on the rail to support 2295 to stabilize, the European market has stopped falling; For tonight, it is to continue to focus on the question of where there is an effective breakthrough between the two lines; Combined with the daily rebound correction, it is inclined to break the green line, that is, break through 2312, then you can test 2321-25, short-term pressure 2337 and 2349, respectively, belong to the 50 and 618 division resistance of the fall on Friday, because it is currently a weak rebound, so every time you encounter a division resistance, Or there is a wave of * pullback, including possible 2325 will also, it is 382 split resistance; Therefore, hold the 2295 line, look at the rebound correction on the dip, break through the 2312 station can continue to test 2321-25, 2337, etc., pull up the pressure signal, and then see the high fall. I hope my analysis and suggestions can help you. If you need them, you can follow me! ! !

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