Gold market trend analysis and operation strategy


Gold market trend analysis and operation strategy



We hold more at 2301 in the afternoon, and adjust the shorting node to the daily resistance of 2328. Specific intraday tips - This column is a series of gold trend analysis. The team has been focusing on guiding gold for a long time and has clear ideas.

Gold, the general trend is as described in the weekly review. This round of price has fallen since the historical high of 2450 in May. The first round of selling to 2315 rebounded to 2387. The non-agricultural data was used to sell to 2287 in the second round. The daily K-line combination is short-term arrangement, and the market will seek new support below 2278 in the medium term.

On Monday, it actually formed a short-term bottom rebound at 2287, and rebounded after stepping back to 2298 during the day. The current price is 2310. There is still upward momentum in the short term. It will be bearish after the repair is completed at the end of the week; short-term support is 2306-2304, strong support is 2300; short-term resistance is 2314, strong resistance is 2320 and daily MA5-2328;

In terms of operation, we hold more at 2301 in the afternoon, and the short-selling node is adjusted to the resistance of 2328 on the daily chart. Specific intraday tips;

Strategy 1: Buy near 2306, protect 2296, target 2320-2328;

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